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How we can benefit businesses in your community

Being an online multiple services booking platform, ‘Blossom Bookings’ serves our partners and clients with equal efficiency and enthusiasm. Our focus is to work with local small and medium enterprises, as well as established businesses in your area, reaching out to your specific clientele and promoting special offers; joining hands with Blossom Bookings will automatically garner an immense advantage for your business, over your competitors.
Helping Local Fundraising vs Promoting Local Events
Creating the event online
Positioning the event for major investors
Reaching out to the right audience
Creating the bookings page for stalls, pre-event
Offering ticket, bookings & entry registrations
Online payments portal

Highlighting Attractive
Offers for Your Customers

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Easily Reaching
Out To More Customers

Partner With Us

Blossom Bookings offers a unique opportunity to enlist your local business on a national platform, reaching to a far larger chunk of customers. Once you partner with us, your business will be available to a huge audience to book services with a click.

No Marketing Hassle

We take your marketing hassle out of the equation. Through our online booking service in Australia, you can promote your business to new heights, without going through the marketing hassle yourself. Keep in touch with new promotions, discount offers and let us do the rest.

Better Efficiency

Not only do we provide excellent and efficient online booking platform for your local business, you can also enjoy most of your operations in a more streamlined and well-organized manner.

Gain customers attention.

Customers are more likely to buy from businesses which offer discounts.

While not all of them will come to your store while you are offering discounts, some of them may pay you a visit at some point in the future when they need your products.

Many customers see the Discount Codes first and then decide what product or service they are going to buy, not the opposite.

Offering discounts will draw more people to your store. Increased traffic will typically lead to an increase in sales. Your customers will not only buy your discounted items; they will also look around your store and probably purchase other products

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